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Question: Is obama reminiscent of nixon when he invoked executive privlidge during watergate?

(Posted by: on 2012-06-20 09:36:56)



Posted by: Exposing Liberal and YA Lies on 2012-06-20, 09:38:38

Yes. So, can we get this fool to resign?


Posted by: Sam on 2012-06-20, 09:38:38

Yes Holder should be in prison and Obama impeached but I can wait til November !


Posted by: VoteVoteVote on 2012-06-20, 09:38:42

No. Is he reminiscent of GW, who did it 6 times?


Posted by: Berry on 2012-06-20, 09:39:00

Not even a little bit.


Posted by: Dangerous Mr. on 2012-06-20, 09:39:40

Not at all Nixon's actions were a real threat to every person in this country . Fast and Furious was just a bad idea gone wrong


Posted by: expertgal on 2012-06-20, 09:44:06

Absolutely. All presidents use 'executive privilege' as a cover-up. They see the writing on the wall that they, or their cabinet members, are going to be found out the truth of what they did, so they pull this 'executive privilege' document out of their files. Clinton used it 14 times, more than any other president. He was guilty and so is Obama. Does corruption ever stop with Obama and his appointed administation? Why can't Democrats see what's happening in our White House and ask them to resign all these scandals?


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